Food Preservation & Sealers

When food is scarce, every morsel gets consumed almost immediately after procurement. When food is abundant, there are plenty of leftovers after harvest and manufacturing. People needed to develop techniques to process these so that they could still be enjoyed later on. Some turned to canning, freezing, drying, fermenting, dry salting, pickling, smoking, and many more. In modern times, we have been able to use advanced technologies and depend on machines to help us in this endeavor. One of these is the sealing machine that uses vacuum, heat, or both to envelope food and other types of goods.

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Shelf Life Extension 

This type of machine extends the shelf life of perishable goods by placing them inside an airtight plastic film package. By sucking most of the air out, the volume of oxygen inside is vastly decreased. Oxygen is needed by most types of microorganisms in order to survive. Creating an environment that is hostile to their kind hinders their growth. They cannot thrive and spread. Thus, the food is able to stay fresh for much longer periods. They can be confidently shipped to faraway places knowing that they will reach their destination in good condition. They can be stored for months without worry.

Volume Reduction

These machines are also invaluable when it comes to volume reduction. Space is limited in the trucks, ships, and planes that carry cargo from one place to another. Shipping fees can be extremely expensive. One way to lower cost is to lower the volume of the goods prior to transportation. This strategy lends itself better for some products compared to others. For example, mattresses are quite bulky yet most of their volume is actually taken up by air. Compression displaces air and reduces volume by a large amount. Using vacuum technology, the same effect can be achieved without damaging the product.

Freezer Burn Prevention

It is well-established that putting food in a cold environment will allow it to keep its freshness for a longer time period. The colder it is, the better the results. Freezing is therefore better than refrigeration. However, there is a danger of freezer burn with this setup. This can occur is food is frozen without any preliminary processing. The surface can become dehydrated such that it will appear leathery, dried, and unsightly. It isn't just about the appearance, though. Even the flavor of the food will be affected. Using a vacuum sealing machine, the surface can be protected and freezer burn can be avoided.